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This is PERFECT for you if you are:

  • An established expert, business owner, entrepreneur or medical provider who solves big problems for the people you serve
  • Frustrated with the endless cycle of chasing trends, social media posting, and hoping to go viral to finally give your brand the recognition it deserves
  • ​Tired of the grind of traditional networking, marketing, and advertising without ever truly expanding your reach in a meaningful way
  • Ready to stop battling with competitors for authority, recognition, and influence…and finally emerge as a category of one in your field
  • Seeking major media appearances to get in front of millions of potential viewers to skyrocket your exposure, impact & authority in your industry

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What is our
Guaranteed Media Placement?

  • Our team of network TV writers custom-craft your brand article with virtually no work for you -- all you have to complete is one short intake form, and you're on your way!
  • ​We will get that article picked up by over 100 news sites, including The "Big Four" (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News)
  • Brand collateral -- we send you Authority Logos from your media placement locations that you can use on your website, social media header graphics, email signature, and more!
  • ​Detailed Pull Quotes from your article, highly coveted positioning statements by the media that you'll be able to excerpt from your article and use forever to build authority and credibility for your expertise and your brand.
  • ​T​urnaround time is under two weeks after submitting your intake form, so you're immediately establishing credibility, authority, and trust via major media.

Guaranteed Media Placement in just 1 week

Less than 30min needed to complete your intake form

DAY 6:


Bring every question you’ve always wanted to ask an industry insider…so you can become one, yourself.

DAY 7:


Superstars think this way…now you can, too.

DAY 8:


Use our decades’ worth of experience to defy the odds.

DAY 9:


Learn what’s REALLY happening behind the scenes in major media…and how to use it to your advantage.

About Cheryl Hunter:

Cheryl Hunter is a TV host and media personality who has been featured worldwide by major media outlets including People Magazine, Goalcast, Dr. Phil, NBC News, Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox, PBS, and more.

Today, in addition to writing and producing for HBO, CBS, Paramount Pictures, and NBC, Cheryl helps mission-driven experts leverage the power of major media to get their business known by millions.

Forbes Magazine says that Cheryl has, "something very important to teach about reaching your fullest potential on this planet."

“Cheryl Hunter and team helped me bring hope to more people…”

“I’ve been featured on over a hundred media outlets, but more importantly than that, their practical insights will help me with media and the message I’m passionate about my entire life.”

Jesse Bradley


Picked up by: The Today Show, ESPN, Fox News, Good Morning America, NBC, CBS, ABC, Newsmax, Men’s Journal, Tamron Hall Show, CBS Sports, Fox Sports

"Cheryl Hunter cracked the code on taking your message global through major media."

''Cheryl and team helped me to find my tribe, tailor my message, and speak directly to my targeted audience, by leveraging media outlets."

Coré Cotton

Women's Empowerment Expert

Picked up by: NBC, CBS, Fox News